A downloadable game for Windows

--WARNING-- The Game has no options and you have to adjust the volume in the Mixer of your Operating system.

In this truly amazing game you control a virus downloaded by a clumsy User who tried to download the newest AAA SciFi First Person Interactive Sandbox Multiplayer Online Shooter,for free of course. So it's up to you to go and infect his amazing Intil i10 Powered PC. By getting to the Cpu of course. Thats how every Virus works.Obviously.

Playtime: A few minutes

Music: RoccoW - FMA


Once you die you loose all keys.

Use you mouse to edit "text documents" in the game

Install instructions

Extract the ..zip and run the .exe together with the VirusSquared-Data in a folder.


VirusSquared.zip 37 MB

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